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What to Expect at
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Psychological Evaluation

Meet with a qualified psychologist to discuss child concerns and referral for behavioral health services. The psychologist will provide a diagnosis and written order for treatment.

30-Day Assessment with a Master Level Clinician

Parent Interview: Behavior Consultant will meet with the parent to gather information related to the child’s history, strengths and needs in all settings, and behavioral concerns for identified focus.

Observations: Behavior Consultant will observe your child in multiple settings (home/school/community/center) to assess for current levels of abilities related to communication, social, development, and behavior.

Data Analysis: Behavior Consultant will analyze the data collected from all settings regarding the behaviors that occurred throughout the observations to determine the function of your child’s behavior.

Treatment Planning

Behavior Consultant will develop an individualized treatment plan based on the identified behaviors of concern and areas needed for strength. The Behavior Consultant will review all documentation for parent consent.

Approval of Services

Hours approved by the insurance provider will begin! The provision of services will take place as recommended and discussed by the parent and assessing Behavior Consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions

All children ages 2-21 years old will be assessed by a licensed Psychologist to determine the need and recommendation of services during an initial evaluation.

Medical Access can be obtained by applying online through the COMPASS website: Medical Assistance ( or over the phone by calling 1-866-550-4355.

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based treatment used for developing a child’s behavioral, social, communicative, and adaptive functioning skills. Through repetition and contingencies, our ABA learning program targets positive responses to help your child progress.

A Behavior Analyst is a board certified and Pennsylvania State licensed Behavior Specialist that will oversee the development and implementation of treatment programming. The Behavior Analyst will lead the team to ensure all members are consistent in interventions through data collection and analysis.

A Behavior Consultant is a master’s level professional that will oversee the transfer of skills to family and caregivers. This will occur across a variety of settings or where your child is experiencing behavioral or mental health difficulties. The Behavior Consultant will provide direct supervision to the BHT and develop an individualized treatment plan.

A Mobile Therapist is a master’s level professional that will provide one-on-one or collateral therapy for your child. The mobile therapist will address emotional needs to promote mental wellness, life enjoyment, and sense of resiliency.

A Behavioral Health Technician (BHT) provides one-to-one behavioral health services for your child. The BHT will directly implement the interventions and strategies as outlined in your child’s individualized treatment plan and assist caregivers in utilizing these skills on a consistent basis. The goal of the BHT is to work hands-on with the family and school to transfer these skills directly for improved independence and functioning.

A Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) is a board-certified Behavior Technician that provides one-to-one behavioral health services through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The RBT will directly implement the interventions and strategies as outlined in your child’s individualized treatment plan and assist caregivers in utilizing these skills on a consistent basis. The goal of the RBT is to work hands-on with the family and school to transfer these skills directly for improved independence and functioning.

Each child will receive a clinically appropriate prescription for services. The Behavior Consultant will be responsible for maintaining communication between parent(s), school, and any outside entities involved in the treatment of the child/adolescent.

Your Case Manager will be introduced at the start of treatment. The role of your case manager is to support you to ensure there is communication across all parties and manage your treatment authorizations.

The Best Practice Psychological Evaluation will take place at the initial intake and again the year after under a licensed Psychologist. The evaluation will provide a full comprehensive report with diagnosis(es) and recommending treatment prescription for needed services.

The Written Order is generated from the licensed Psychologist’s evaluation. It is provided to Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) programs to determine medical necessity criteria for services to be provided.

A master level clinician will complete a 30-day Assessment that includes Functional Behavior Analysis, parent interview, and observation of the child/adolescent in all settings. The master level clinician will use this Assessment to develop an Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) for targeted areas of concern and identification of positive replacement behaviors for skill acquisition.

Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) is a team delivered service provided to children and adolescents and their caregivers to assist with behavioral and emotional deficits in the home, school, and community. IBHS is the provision of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Individual services, and Group services which treat a wide spectrum of diagnoses.

Center-Based services are the involvement of Group and/or 1:1 amongst same age peers at one of our Matrix locations. Center-Based programs use activities and specialized treatment programs to enhance communication, social skills, and activities of daily living (ADL’s) skills with children and adolescents experiencing difficulties in these areas.

A Center-Based recommendation for Group services can be made through the recommendation of a master level clinician during the Assessment process.

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